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Your Best Home: Home Office Edition

Offices have become a staple in many homes and top many prospective buyers’ wish lists, too. But with all the paper, the equipment, and the office supplies, it can feel like mission impossible to keep it all looking great. Regardless of whether you’re staging for sale or just trying to maintain a clutter-free home office, we’ve got you covered.

Evaluate your needs. Many of us keep things that aren’t essential and end up with a clutter problem. This is an especially big issue in a home office where everything can feel important. That’s why it’s crucial to periodically declutter. If you can’t make a decision on a particular item, try this trick. Remove it from your office. If you don’t go looking for it within one month, it’s not essential.

Systems are your friend. Think about the pattern and rhythms to your work and the movement of items in your workspace. Use this knowledge to create a functional organizational system. For storage, place the most important items on top — or the most recent.

Stow small items. Bills, flash drives, paper clips. If it’s smaller than a shoebox, put it away. Group like objects together and stash in decorative boxes or baskets.

Wrangle those cords. With all the electronic equipment used in home offices, it’s not surprising that many homeowners struggle to keep their cords from turning into a tangled mess, which is not only unsightly, but can lead to premature wear or damage to your cords. Purchase or make your own cord-management system. There are lots of options, including zip ties, pegboards, or modified shoeboxes, to keep your cords under control.

Find the right light. Productivity and appearance go hand in hand when it comes to home office lighting. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to feel energized in a dark office. Paint the walls a light neutral color, then use accessories to add pops of color. Hang window treatments that provide natural light without adding a glare to computer screens. Updated overhead light fixtures provide good ambient lighting and a stylish look, while desk lamps provide good task lighting.

It shouldn’t be 100 percent work. It’s easy to get caught up in the function of an office and forget that visual appeal matters, too. Beyond a great desk, a comfortable, ergonomic chair, and a top-notch organizational system, an ideal office should be pleasing to the eye. Add a few accent pieces, a beautiful art piece, or a large houseplant to transform a ho-hum space into an awesome office.

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