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Barbiecore Is Bringing Playful Pizzazz to Home Design

Barbie has long enthralled young girls, but the petite powerhouse seems to be everywhere in the aftermath of the Barbie movie. Now “Barbiecore” design brings a playful touch to home decor, from girls’ bedrooms to living rooms and kitchens. Here’s a primer on Barbiecore design and how to use it in your home.

Elements of Barbiecore

You can make any room evoke Barbie with the following design elements.

  • Pink! From the palest blush pinks to fuschia and magenta, pink is THE color for Barbiecore. If you want to dip your toe into Barbiecore, try painting a room’s door bubblegum pink or throwing a fuschia throw on the back of your neutral sofa. Or go all out and paint the entire room pink, adding decor items in different shades of the color as well as whites, creams, blues, greens, yellows and metallics like gold and silver.

  • Bold prints, such as polka dots, chevrons, or squares. A black-and-white checked floor is a great accent in a pink room, and an accent wall papered in pink polka dots will add Barbie charm.

  • Glamorous touches such as a crystal chandelier or mirrored furniture. Both plush fabrics like velvet and shiny ones like satin can make Barbie-influenced rooms sophisticated.

  • Furniture in several styles. Mid-century modern furniture is a good fit because Barbie was born during the style’s heyday. Curved and tufted furniture, plastic or acrylic furniture and lacquered furniture can all add to the bold feel Barbiecore is known for.

  • Feminine touches such as ruffles and lace.

Barbiecore in your home

Here are some ideas for bringing Barbie flair to specific rooms in your house.


Barbiecore is a terrific design style for girls’ rooms. To make sure the room remains stylish once your child has moved on to another interest, choose wall paint, bedding and carpet in neutral tones, then bring in the Barbie accents. Pink ruffled pillows, a luxe mirror, posters in pink frames, a pink rotary landline phone, a tufted velvet headboard and/or a shaggy rug are all accents that can evoke the diminutive doll while avoiding an overly childish look.

But Barbiecore isn’t just for girls’ rooms. You can use the same elements in decorating adult bedrooms. Emphasize glamor and femininity in your decor choices, and focus on a few statement pieces that say “Barbie,” such as a pink chaise lounge, pink linens, a velvet comforter or a beautiful crystal chandelier. Living and dining rooms

As with adult bedrooms, Barbiecore works best in these public rooms if you don’t overdo it. If you want to add both glamor and playfulness to your living room, try painting an accent wall pink, adding a pink tufted chair or choosing a curvy sofa. Then further the Barbie theme with a few small touches like floral or metallic pillows, crystal picture frames or a mirrored chest. Bring Barbiecore to the dining room with a round white pedestal table, clear acrylic “ghost” chairs or pink plates and linens.


Barbie may not be much of a cook, but you can still bring her aesthetic to your kitchen. Try painting a vintage refrigerator pink, displaying a pink stand mixer or toaster, or hanging a pink dish towel near the sink.

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