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Which Kitchen Appliance is Best 4 You?

If you don't have the storage space or budget for multiple small appliances, how do you know which one is right for your cooking needs? To help make your decision, compare the features of three of the most popular electric cookers.

Slow cooker; This might be the best option for you if you have more time early in the day to prep and add food to the pot so that it's ready to eat come mealtime.


- Set-and-forget: Prepare meals hours before dinner without having to watch over food on the stove.

- Tenderizes inexpensive meats: By braising all day, tougher cuts of meat soften, giving you a flavorful meal and helping you save money on your food budget.

Multicooker; If you like a variety of features or if you need to cook something quickly, a multicooker is a practical choice.


- Fast: The pressure-cooking feature cuts down on cook time, making even frozen foods possible in a pinch. If you make and freeze large batches of soup, you can place the frozen soup into the multicooker and have a hot meal ready in minutes.

- Automatic: Some multi cookers offer automated settings for foods such as rice, yogurt and soups.

Air fryer; You might want to invest in an air fryer if you like crispy or roasted foods without heating up the kitchen.


- Versatile: It "fries" foods like french fries and chicken tenders, but you can also roast vegetables, broil meat and even bake desserts. Little to no oil is needed, so it also cuts down on calories.

- Efficient baking: Quickly bake one to two portions of your favorite winter comfort foods, or use it to take store-bought appetizers from frozen to crisp for your holiday parties.

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