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"Wellness Kitchens" Encourage Healthier Lifestyles

The standard kitchen design found in most homes today originated in the 1950s. While cosmetic trends like tile and cabinetry styles are constantly being reinvented, basic floor plans have largely remained the same for almost 70 years, according to the Global Wellness Summit (GWS). While kitchens haven't changed much, consumers certainly have.

More and more, today's consumers care about how their food is grown and its impact on their health and the environment. Many architects and innovators believe it's time for the kitchen to reflect people's desire to eat nourishing foods, which has prompted a rising trend known as the "Wellness Kitchen."

"Instead of serving as a relic of the past, our kitchens will use advancements in technology and design to foster a healthier lifestyle for our bodies, our minds and our planet," according to the GWS.

Design that influences behavior While traditional cabinets are designed to store canned and packaged foods, the Wellness Kitchen reinvents cabinets for fresh fruits and vegetables. Glass doors, shallow shelves and drawers, and adjustable settings for light and humidity create ideal conditions for storing – and even growing – different types of produce. The goal is to prolong the life of fresh foods and make them visible and accessible, which encourages healthy eating.

Minimalism is also a key element in the Wellness Kitchen, creating thoughtful, uncluttered spaces to cook and socialize. Open shelving encourages less stuff and allows you to display living plants. Larger windows, soothing colors, and natural or recycled materials also promote an airy, healthy environment.

Technology will also be a big part of the Wellness Kitchen with fridges that recommend meals based on what ingredients you have and intuitive ovens that know how long to cook each dish. Architects and designers expect to see innovations that make recycling and composting easier, as well as more composting pickup services.

The trendsetters behind the Wellness Kitchen concept hope to revamp the heart of your home, making it a hub for nutritious foods, meaningful connection, and intentional, sustainable living.

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