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Trending Paint Colors for 2020

Each year, various paint companies release their official "color of the year," following the trend started by Pantone 20 years ago. Here are a few of the notable colors for 2020, plus ways to incorporate them into your home.

Sherwin-Williams: Naval For the start of a new decade, Sherwin-Williams selected a deep, calming navy blue as its flagship color. According to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, Naval (SW 6244) is a grounding color that inspires relaxation and self-care.

"Naval is reminiscent of the night sky, which people have looked to for centuries for guidance, as a muse and as a reminder to live more mindfully," she says.

A versatile hue, Naval can work as a neutral for multiple design styles. Pair it with warm leather tones, natural fibers, brass accents, and fresh greenery.

Benjamin Moore: First Light A soft, rosy shade is front-and-center for Benjamin Moore's 2020 color palette. "We selected First Light (2102-70) as our Color of the Year 2020 to represent a new dawn of idealism, design and living," says Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development for Benjamin Moore.

Try using First Light as a neutral base, then incorporate shades of deep brown, cream and taupe. Bamboo furniture and black metals provide striking accents when paired with this delicate color.

Behr: Back To Nature A peaceful, meadow-inspired shade of green is Behr's color choice for the new year. Back To Nature (S340-4) aims to bring the tranquil feeling of the outdoors to indoor spaces – providing a "soft landing at home."

"As we look ahead to a new decade, Back To Nature encourages us to re engage with the natural world, which we know can have a real, positive impact on our well-being," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr.

Incorporate this yellow-green shade into your space along with other earthy hues, wood accents, black hardware, and natural fibers.

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