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Top Designs For New Homes

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We’re well into 2019, but the architecture world is evolving now more than ever. From eco-friendly living to accessibility and even minimalism, the architects of today are changing the game. Here’s a closer look at the top architecture design trends right now.

Local and sustainable materials

The need for sustainability is increasing more and more, even to the point of influencing home design. Now more than ever, architects are sourcing recycled, sustainable, and even local materials when designing new homes and spaces. But just because architects are using more environmentally-friendly materials doesn’t mean they are sacrificing quality craftsmanship and beauty. Even homes made from locally sourced and sustainable materials can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And, arguably, a locally and a sustainable designed home is even more appealing than anything else.

Green urban planning and energy efficiency

The move toward sustainable home design goes hand in hand with the need for green urban planning and energy-efficient spaces. Architects are designing homes with energy-efficiency in mind, from roofs with installed solar panels to exterior “garden walls” that use plants and greenery as insulation. The trend toward green urban planning is also causing local architects to design green spaces in urban areas, like parks that double as venues for concerts and local events and building designs with soil and water conservation in mind.

Accessible design and affordable housing

There has always been a need for accessibility in home design, but architects are finally moving toward creating more and more accessible spaces in 2019. Designers are meeting the needs of homeowners by creating spaces and environments with wheelchair-accessible paths and doorways, as well as homes that support aging or disabled residents. Additionally, we’re seeing more newly designed housing communities that support those struggling with homelessness and poverty.

Small space and tiny houses

With minimalism in mind, living in small spaces and tiny houses has become an increasing trend in recent years, and it’s only getting more popular. From small cabins and refurbished vintage trailers to multi-functional spaces with convertible furniture, you’d be surprised how much you can do in a tiny amount of space. Architects are keeping minimalism and small living in mind when creating innovative yet simple home designs for 2019 and beyond.

Digital innovation

Technology is having a huge impact on home design in recent years, and digital innovation is allowing architects to bring their blueprints to life with 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Additionally, many homes of today utilize technology as a part of their spaces, rather than technology as the main feature of home design. Architects today can seamlessly integrate digital features into spaces, like installing smart speakers and smart outlets and creating hidden yet functional places for your tech.

This post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. The point of view and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Realty Executives International. This post was written by Bailee Abell. Bailee Abell is a writer born and raised in California. A graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara, she loves reading classic literature, sipping warm beverages, and visiting theme parks every chance she gets. Find her at

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