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Style Your Coffee Table Like A Pro

A well-designed coffee table complements the rest of the room and creates an interesting visual story. Consider these tips to make your table look professionally styled:

- Display decorative items in odd numbers (especially in groups of three) to create an effortless look. Add at least one tall item to draw the eye up, such as a vase with flowers or stems.

- Aim for a cohesive, balanced design. For example, add a sculptural piece on top of a stack of books to keep them from looking too flat. Pull in colors from the rest of the room or pick items that are similar in shape. Try using a serving tray to tie your decor together.

- Include one statement piece that sparks conversation or showcases your personality. This could be something you bought on a trip, an interesting antique, or an item in a color or texture that pops.

- Keep functionality in mind by leaving enough space for drink glasses and snack plates. Add a decorative box or basket to catch remotes and other daily items.

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