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Rest Easy With These 5 Bedroom Design Tips

Although guests may not frequently view the owner's bedroom, it's worth investing a little time and money into creating a place for you to relax. Here are some suggestions to think about when designing your bedroom oasis:

A proportionate bed: While a king-size or four-poster bed may sound tempting, if your square footage is tight, an oversize bed will make your room feel cramped. Make sure there is enough space on both sides of the bed to walk comfortably.

Adequate storage: A room that is lacking in functional storage space will quickly fill up with clutter. Try a bed frame with built-in drawers if there's no room for an extra dresser or chest.

Soothing wall colors: Save bold paint colors for high-energy rooms like the kitchen or dining room. Go with soft blues, grays or neutrals to maintain a calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

Ample natural light: Avoid placing furniture in front of windows, or compensate with other light sources such as floor lamps and track lighting.

Mixed and matched furniture: Rather than buying a complete bedroom set, add personality to your room by using different furniture pieces that complement one another. Use varying shapes and finishes to keep the design interesting.

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