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Popular home lighting trends

Light fixtures are an easy way to make a statement in your home design. As a relatively inexpensive update, they are a great choice for refreshing a room on a tight budget as well as a safe way to try out new trends.

Here are some current lighting styles to inspire your space:

The new gold: Soft gold is on the rise, bridging the gap between brushed silver and shiny gold. This subtle color blends with any decor scheme from farmhouse to modern.

Mixed metals: Whether it's multiple metal colors on a single fixture or multiple fixtures in the same room, mixing metals is not only acceptable right now, but it's totally on trend.

Modern, clean lines: Ornate metalwork is falling out of style as minimal, modern lights take center stage. Look for fixtures with clean lines, neutral colors, and simple, geometric designs.

Natural materials: Wicker, cork, wood, clay, and bamboo shades are all options to bring a natural look to your fixtures. These materials are currently in high demand, and each one can add an interesting, earthy feel to your space.

Large and in-charge fixtures: With the popularity of wide-open floor plans, larger fixtures create a statement without being overwhelming. Balance out larger fixtures by keeping others in the room smaller in size.

High-contrast black: Especially popular in light, white kitchens, black fixtures provide high contrast to create dramatic lighting in a neutral space.

Vintage exposed bulbs: Edison-style bulbs are preferred for the popular industrial look, and varying shades of color can contribute to the mood of your space. Try LED Edison bulbs for an energy-efficient option.

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