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Organizing Your Linen Closet:

A little organization and a fair amount of purging can turn even a modest linen closet into a functional space for a family. Here are a few tips.


One set of sheets for each bed plus one spare set is really all you need. The same rule of thumb goes for towels. Keep one full set for each person in the family, plus a few spares for guests. Donate mismatched sheets and worn towels to an animal shelter. Consider donating extras that are in good shape to a homeless shelter.


Place items you use frequently at levels you can easily reach. Kids’ sheets and towels should be within their reach. Out-of-season blankets or items not used often can go on higher shelves. Seasonal things, such as beach towels, should be stored together.


Fold sheet sets and place inside the matching pillowcase. This makes a tidy package and keeps all coordinating pieces together. For a tidy look, make sure all items are folded the same way and placed in clearly defined stacks.

Linen Closet Shelving

Use baskets or install adjustable shelves or dividers to keep stacks of linens from tipping over and creating a mess.


Use shelf labels or baskets to keep linens for one room getting mixed up with the linens belonging in another room. Or, assign each family member a different color set of sheets and towels so everyone knows at a glance where things belong. If your linen closet is too deep, and items have a tendency to be pushed to the back, consider installing pull-out shelves or purchasing baskets that can be pulled out.

Out-of-Season Items

For blankets, guest bedding, or other rarely used items, store in another location in a plastic bin. This will free up precious space and keep fabrics from collecting dust. Similarly, fine linens, tablecloths, runners, and placemats can be hung over a rod or in a garment bag in the coat closet to prevent wrinkling.

Alternate Locations

Think about keeping one extra set of towels in each bathroom for easy access. For the master bedroom, sheets and blankets can be stored in the master bath or in the master closet so they’re close at hand.

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