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Mistakes That Make Your House Look Cluttered

Keeping your house organized can be challenging when household items constantly pile up. To cut back on clutter, avoid these common habits. A non-functioning entryway: If you don't have a mudroom, your entryway is likely to appear cluttered with shoes, jackets, umbrellas, and bags. Create designated spaces for these items by adding attractive baskets for shoes and accessories and by placing a coat rack just inside the door. Organizing papers in piles: Even if loose papers are neatly organized in stacks, they still make a room look messy. Throw unnecessary paperwork away immediately, and create a simple filing system for important papers so you can prevent piles from accumulating on tables and kitchen counters. Excessive toys: Sort and give away all but the favorite toys your kids play with most often, and do your best to keep toys contained in only one or two rooms in the house. Moving forward, request gift cards for experiences (like movie tickets or zoo passes) rather than new toys for your kids. Hanging reminders on the refrigerator: Displaying lots of invitations and to-do lists on your fridge is distracting. Instead, hang a bulletin board or chalkboard to keep important information visible but organized.

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