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May To-Do List – 10 Chores to Gear-up for Summer

Before shifting gears into summer, here’s a handy list of chores for the busy homeowner. See if you can beat that Memorial Day deadline.

  1. Before the heat becomes unbearable, tackle all that clutter hiding in the attic. Pass along unused items to family and friends or donate to a worthy charity in your area. Recycle paper and shred outdated documents.

  2. Schedule your air conditioning unit for an annual checkup by a licensed technician to keep your unit in top shape through the hot summer months.

  3. To save money on your cooling costs, consider adding a programmable thermostat.

  4. After a year of quarantine, guests might be coming to visit this summer. Take the time now to spruce up your guest room and bathroom. Flip the mattress, put on a new set of sheets, and do a thorough cleaning of the baseboards, blinds and furniture. Stock the bathroom with extra toiletries and a fresh-scented candle.

  5. In advance of Memorial Day festivities, take stock of your outdoor entertainment areas. Hose down furniture to remove any pollen, wash or replace worn cushions, and be sure the grill is ready to go.

  6. If you haven’t already, move tender garden seedlings outside, making sure to keep tabs on overnight temperatures in case any plants need to be covered.

  7. Walk the perimeter of your home, checking sidewalks and garden paths for troublesome cracks or loose stones that could be tripping hazards. Repair or replace, if necessary.

  8. Clean windows and doors — inside and out. And don’t forget to repair any torn screens before mosquito season begins.

  9. Complete any outdoor painting or staining projects before the temperatures soar consistently into the 90s.

  10. Check outdoor lights for broken or burned-out bulbs. Consider replacing with long-lasting, money-saving LED lights.

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