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March To-Do’s: Spring is in the Air

It may still be winter, but it’s time to think spring inside the house, and outside in the yard and garden. Here’s a handy to-do list to keep you busy and feeling accomplished.

  1. Pull out the refrigerator and large pieces of furniture for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Sweep, mop and vacuum those neglected floor coverings.

  2. Vacuum those dusty baseboards and then follow up by wiping them down with a mixture of water and vinegar.

  3. Clean area rugs and carpets. If the job is just too daunting, call in the experts. Check with friends and neighbors for carpet cleaner recommendations.

  4. Freshen up the entryway and hall closet. As the weather warms up, wash and put away the mittens, hats and heavy coats. Replace with lighter jackets, raincoats and umbrellas.

  5. Start thinking about your spring and summer garden. Clean debris from raised beds and turn the soil.

  6. If backyard veggies are in your plans, start seedlings inside under grow lights. Don’t move them outside until after the last frost date in your area.

  7. Tune-up your gardening equipment. Check your lawnmower blade and sharpen it, if necessary. Start the weed eater as well. Make sure you have an adequate supply of trimmer lines.

  8. Check with local garden experts on when to apply fertilizer and weed control to your lawn.

  9. If the backyard grill has been neglected all winter, now’s the time to scrub the grates and prep it for the first cookout of the spring.

  10. Freshen up your outdoor living space. Scrub down lawn chairs, and launder or replace cushions, if necessary. Power wash the patio or deck.

  11. Enjoy those gorgeous yellow daffodils — and other early bloomers in your yard. Gather a bouquet or two to perk things up inside the home, too.

  12. And finally, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get those taxes done.

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