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June To-Do List – Summer Home and Garden Tasks

It’s June, which means it’s time to relax and enjoy the kick-off of summer, but before the fun can begin, be sure to tackle this handy home and garden to-do list.

  1. Change the filters in your air conditioning vents to help your unit operate at optimum capacity. If you haven’t already, schedule an annual maintenance check with a professional.

  2. Check your trees, bushes and other plants for molds and other signs of distress. Spray with fungicides, if necessary.

  3. Once trees and bushes have bloomed, it’s time to prune. Take special care to prune plantings that have grown too close to your home, heating, and air conditioning unit. Allow two to three feet for the air to flow freely around the unit.

  4. Monitor your lawn sprinkler system to ensure it’s watering your lawn and plantings and not the surrounding sidewalks and driveway. Make adjustments as necessary. Don’t forget to check sprinkler heads that may have become clogged.

  5. If you’ve planted a garden, thin seedlings and pull weeds daily, if possible. Remove fruits that have fallen to prevent rotting. Cover with netting to deter birds and other critters from stealing your crop. Don’t forget to install tomato cages or stakes.

  6. Clean the dryer vent to save your machine from a premature death and reduce the risk of fire. If this is above your DIY pay grade, schedule a professional to do the job for you.

  7. Once the kids are finished with school, inventory their backpacks and lunch boxes. Wash them and make any necessary repairs or toss them out if they can’t be saved. Sort and organize leftover school supplies so you’ll be prepared for the fall.

  8. On a sizzling hot or rainy day, go through the kids’ closets and purge clothes and toys they have outgrown and make a list of what they need for the next school year. Take advantage of summer sales to replenish.

  9. Remove the dirt and dust buildup from the ceiling fans in your home. Vacuum the blades and then wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the outdoor ceiling fans on your front or back porch.

  10. Check your home’s supply of sunscreen. Toss any that is expired and replenish.

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