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Is Your Wall Decor Outdated

No matter which decorating style you prefer, updating your walls is a simple, cost-effective way to freshen up the interior of your home.

If you love the "Fixer Upper" look that Chip and Joanna Gaines have made popular, then hang some vintage metal signs and a letter board on a white wall to mirror the couple's relaxed, farmhouse style.

Or, maybe you would rather walk into your home and immediately be transported back to the mid-century modern style of the 1960s. Look for a mix of patterns or colors and even black-and-white graphics. Choose a colorful print by Andy Warhol as a focal point. Complement it with a yellow slipcover on a sofa or chair.

If you are looking for a style combining aspects of farmhouse and mid-century modern, the Scandinavian style is the place to start. Clean, simple walls mixed with modern furniture are key features of this style. Try hanging some honeycomb shelves on the wall for a functional design. Three-dimensional shelving is a way to display books and personal items without making the walls look cluttered.

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