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Interior Design Trends to Watch

With a new decade comes a refresh in home decor. Check out some of the trends designers predict will gain traction this year.

Color in kitchens: While white cabinets remain timeless, designers are warming up all-white kitchens by adding wood accents, colorful tile, and navy or black cabinets.

Wood or steel range hoods: Move over microwaves – statement range hoods over the stove are on the rise.

A bench in the bathroom: With master bathrooms taking on a bigger purpose as spa-like retreats, a bench can serve multiple purposes. Place by a vanity for daily skincare routines or next to the tub to hold clean towels, candles and books.

Picket tiles: With both ends pointed like the top of a picket fence, these tiles create a unique geometric pattern. They can be laid horizontally or vertically for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls or showers.

Dark painted doors: Paired with eye-catching hardware, dark interior doors add extra personality to a room.

Warm colors: This decade will see a shift from cool tones to an emphasis on warm, earthy hues.

Rattan or wicker furniture: Bet big on this natural look with a full dining or patio set, or add small accents with light fixtures or bar stools.

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