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How to Style Your Vintage Furniture

Some people shy away from displaying heirloom furniture or investing in antique pieces for fear of making a space look dated rather than vintage. To avoid an antiquated appearance, try these three tips.

Aim for balance. Collecting furniture from only one decade can make a room feel like a time capsule rather than a carefully curated space. Thoughtful interior design aims for balance in colors, shapes, textures, and scale. For example, if you have an ornate antique piece, choose other furniture with simple, clean lines.

Pair with trendy accents. Make formal heirloom pieces look a little more playful by surrounding them with modern touches. A vintage sofa looks right at home with a few graphic throw pillows and a sleek coffee table. A 1950s writing desk pairs well with a molded plastic chair, and a mahogany dresser looks classy rather than stuffy with black and gold decor and a colorful area rug.

Choose pieces you love. Most importantly, don't be afraid to reflect your style. If you find an antique piece that you love, there's bound to be a way to make it work in your home.

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