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How to pull off a neutral room

A neutral decorating scheme can create a beautiful, serene space. Neutrals are also flexible, making it easy to swap out pieces as you feel inspired. Consider these design tips to make the most of neutrals in any room.

Add warm hues. Wood accents are a great way to add warmth and keep a neutral room from feeling cold or sterile. Try displaying wood cutting boards or adding a natural wood shelf in the kitchen. Crate&Barrel designers suggest using a walnut mid-century bench as a coffee table to bring a unique element to your living space.

Choose contrasting textures. Layering tactile and visual textures is key to making a neutral room interesting, says Plush rugs, exposed brick, concrete walls, faux-fur throw pillows, and textured artwork can add interest and depth to any room.

Lead the eye. Hang an abstract painting in soft neutrals to draw the eye upward, says Crate&Barrel. You could also consider adding a pop of color through a tall plant or an accent pillow with a bold pattern.

Use metal accents. Metals pop against a neutral backdrop. Choose metal light fixtures and drawer pulls, or display metallic kitchen utensils. predicts that copper and rose gold are fading out for 2019, so consider more natural-looking metals such as polished nickel and antique brass.

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