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How To Prevent Mold In Your Home

As the seasons change, spring cleaning is an excellent time to address any places in your home that could be breeding grounds for mold. It's important to keep potential problem-areas dry, eliminate anything that blocks airflow, and keep exterior doors and windows shut when running the air conditioner.

Mold thrives in humidity, so thoroughly check for dampness near sump pumps, basement doors, windows, and hot water tanks. Moving furniture away from registers allows air to circulate and helps eliminate condensation. Standing water is a major offender, so be sure to check drip pans under your refrigerator and your AC unit, and dry up any puddles before they become a problem.

If your home is prone to high humidity, consider investing in a dehumidifier. You can purchase a whole-house dehumidifier or portable ones for specific rooms. If possible, vent bathrooms to the outside to reduce humidity from hot showers. If you suspect mold in your home but haven't found the source or need help removing it, contact a qualified professional to help you solve the problem.

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