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How to Have a Satisfying Staycation

Pandemic travel restrictions and a weak economy have put vacation travel on hold for most of us. A staycation at home may sound less than exciting, but with creativity and a festive spirit, your staycation can rival an out-of-town trip. Here are nine ideas to make your staycation shine.

The places the locals never visit

Most cities have tourist attractions that many locals never get around to seeing. Research online and visit local historical sites, amusement parks, hiking trails and museums that have been on your “someday” list. Some may be closed or have restricted hours during the pandemic, but others may be perfect spots to visit on your staycation. Remember to respect social distancing and mask-wearing requirements.

Host a neighborhood backyard movie night

Rent a projector and a large movie screen and find a great film with popular appeal. Invite neighbors to bring their outdoor chairs and snacks and enjoy a backyard movie night.

Have special days for the girls and the boys

Mothers and daughters can schedule an at-home spa day with facial treatments, mani-pedis and other pampering. Fathers and sons can go golfing or fishing or pursue some other outdoor activity together.

Family cook night

Have a family meeting to plan a big meal with lots of featured dishes. Let each family member prepare one part of the meal.

Back to nature, sort of staycation

Pitch a tent under the stars, roll out the sleeping bags, and light up the firepit for a backyard campout. This is almost a mandatory rite of passage for kids and their parents.

Go day tripping

Take a day trip to magical places within a day’s drive of home. Picturesque little towns, antique shops, historical homes and state parks within an easy drive can make for a rich trove of memories. Research before you go so that you are aware of closures and restrictions on hours or crowd sizes brought on by the pandemic.

Start a new hobby

YouTube and other internet sites offer a virtual classroom for most anything you’ve been thinking you might like to learn. Use your time off to launch a new interest and life skill.


Join a church mission team or community service project that builds shelters, feeds or delivers clothes to people struggling to make ends meet. The personal reward is priceless.

Hit the country road during a staycation

Drive out of the city, leave behind the light pollution and go stargazing. Download an app like Night Sky or SkyView Lite to learn the names and locations of heavenly bodies. How cool is it to know that the bright star in the southern sky is the planet Jupiter?

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