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How to Celebrate a Housiversary

Many of the celebrations, trends and other novelties of the social media explosion focus on life events. Say hello to the housiversary! Yes, it's currently a trend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. Much like a birthday or marriage, the day you close on your home is a milestone worth celebrating.

Here are some ways to make the date special year after year:

Show off the keys to your castle. Finally receiving the keys to your new home is a big deal, one to be commemorated with a photo and post that can be reposted on your housiversary.

Commission a portrait. Have a professional picture drawn of the house and hang it on the wall of your great room or office.

Feast like the day you moved in. That usually means food in a box because who wants to cook at the end of a long move-in day?

Throw a potluck. Everyone loves an excuse for a house party, and it's a great way to get to know your neighbors better.

Take time to reflect. What has this house meant to you over the past year? What goals, plans or projects do you have for your home in the upcoming year?

Dreaming of a new home? If you've been considering a move-up purchase or are wanting to downsize, let's talk!

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