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How To Be A Smart Open House Guest

If an open house sign has caught your eye, here's how to be a confident, savvy visitor.

Arrive early so you can have the host's undivided attention. The host is typically the listing agent; however, there's no reason to fear engaging in conversation. This is an ideal time to ask questions and gain perspective about the home. Be courteous, but avoid oversharing about your personal situation. Don't forget to mention that you're working with an agent if you are.

If you're concerned about rooms not being large enough for your furniture, check the listing sheet for room dimensions. If unavailable, ask for permission to measure specific areas. Open closets and pantries to evaluate storage space, and check under sinks for any signs of mold.

Look for indications of damage or neglect. Doors that stick could reveal a settling foundation, stained baseboards may indicate water damage, and condensation on windows could mean they're drafty and need to be replaced.

Visiting open houses can be a helpful experience in determining what you do and do not want in a future home. If you'd like to talk about your next steps, call anytime.

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