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How To Be A Good Neighbor During A Remodel

While you're eagerly anticipating your home renovations, keep in mind that your neighbors may not be thrilled by the noise, dust and equipment that come with the process. Good communication and thoughtful gestures can help you maintain healthy relationships throughout your project.

Before signing any contracts, vet your construction crew. Hiring professional, respectful contractors is the first step in being considerate of your neighbors. Ask your crew to stick to standard working hours and to clean up any stray trash and debris.

Give your neighbors plenty of notice before construction begins. It's often best to start this conversation in person and follow up with an email outlining key details such as anticipated start and end dates, equipment that may interfere with parking and any particularly disruptive parts of the project.

If your neighbors have concerns, listen carefully and try to empathize. Reassure them that you'll do your best to eliminate frustrations, and make sure they have a way to reach you in case any issues come up. Showing that you care goes a long way toward alleviating tension.

Do whatever else you can to be considerate of specific needs. If a neighbor will be directly affected by dust from your remodel, consider offering to pay for a window cleaning service. If they work from home, purchase a few day-passes to a coworking space to allow them to get out of the house. If construction vehicles or a dumpster will take up street parking, park your car farther away to make space for your neighbors and their guests.

When your renovation is complete, thank your neighbors for their patience. Consider giving them a thoughtful gift or inviting them over for a housewarming party.

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