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Hide These Common Household Eyesores

Every home has a handful of necessary but unattractive items you'd rather not show off to your guests. Try these tricks to keep eyesores out of sight and out of mind.

  • Conceal cords from a wall-mounted TV by stacking colorful hardback books on the console or mantel below.

  • Utilize trendy baskets to conveniently store toys, pet items or extra toilet paper.

  • Drill holes in the back of a desk drawer and thread cords through them to create a discreet charging station for phones, laptops, tablets, and fitness trackers.

  • Hide your washer and dryer from view with a decorative room divider.

  • By attaching small hinges to a canvas painting and mounting it on the wall, you can conceal an unattractive circuit breaker box without limiting access to it.

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