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Give Your Mudroom A Makeover

Does your mudroom tend to get cluttered with shoes, jackets and backpacks? An organized mudroom can be the key to keeping the rest of your living space tidy, so here are a few ways to give the area a functional makeover.

- Install easy-to-clean flooring. Make the space fit the style of your home by using surfaces such as concrete, laminate wood or patterned tile.

- Use hooks to hang jackets and coats. Hooks are quicker (and easier for kids) than using a coat rack or hangers in a hall closet, which means you're less likely to wind up with a pile of coats on the floor.

- Create a drying place for wet shoes and boots. Options include pegs on the wall to hang shoes or a plastic or metal shoe tray filled with small rocks.

- Designate a spot for each member of the family, and tailor the space to that person's needs. Children may need low-mounted hooks for backpacks, while small baskets can catch wallets, keys and sunglasses for the adults.

- Add some stylish accents to inspire you to keep the area clean. Try a pop of colorful wallpaper, quirky antique furniture, matching storage containers, or a chic, contemporary bench.

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