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Get Smart About Hiding Spare Keys

Everyone gets locked out of their home at some point. Once it happens, you get a spare key made. But where do you hide it for future emergencies? Some places are so typical that homeowners might as well leave a note with an arrow saying, “Spare Key Hidden Here.” Here are some better ideas for hiding spare house keys.

Don’t help criminals

Like using “Password123” to access your online accounts, “hiding” a key in a prominent place makes it easy for bad guys to break in. Leaving a key under the doormat, on the top of the doorframe, under a flowerpot or beneath a plastic rock in the garden fools no one. Instead, try more clever ploys such as these.

  • Hang a key from a nail in the crook of a tree branch you can reach.

  • Hide a key away from your home’s main entrance, such as in a backyard doghouse.

  • Place a magnetized box for hiding a car key on a gutter downspout, your air conditioner unit or beneath your barbecue grill.

  • Buy a key lockbox and attach it to a discreet part of a permanent structure.

And don’t keep a house key in your wallet. If you lose your wallet or a thief lifts it, he’ll have your cash, credit cards, the key to your house and your home address on your driver’s license or other ID. Yikes!

Be discreet

Tell only a couple of trusted people where your key is hidden. Don’t broadcast on social media that you’re going out of town. While gone, use a timer or your smart home system to turn lights on and off, so it looks like you’re home.

Keys? How quaint!

Speaking of smart homes, you no longer need to rely on technology developed centuries ago. Upgrade to an electronic keypad and smart home technology. You’ll not only eliminate lost key lockouts but enjoy modern conveniences such as the ability to:

  • Program a keypad with an entry code.

  • Set up temporary codes for guests that expire when they leave.

  • Use an app on your phone to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

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