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Five Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Making your perfect Pinterest board is easy… buying everything to transfer that board into your living room, not so easy. Doing a makeover of an old space or decorating a new home is fun and refreshing but can also be stressful trying to ensure your vision comes out the way you wanted without breaking the bank. Check out these tips on how you can decorate your home just the way you want on a budget you can afford.

1. Plan your budget

It’s hard to stay on budget if you don’t have one! Set a maximum amount you are comfortable paying and stick to it. Make a list of “must-have” items before you start shopping and plan the look you are going for. This will not only help you stay on track style wise but also within price range. You can also look online for budget items or to see what stores have the best deals and if they have any upcoming sales.

2. Find furnishings to serve multiple purposes

It can be challenging to accommodate every purpose a house serves, including hosting holidays, parties or a small get-together with friends. Having enough seating, surface space and entertaining space can be a struggle, especially for smaller apartments or homes. You can fix this by filling your spaces with multi-functional pieces. Buy seating with built-in storage or tables with removable sections that can be added for more guests and then removed at the end of dinner.

3. Spiff up old or outdated furniture to fit your new look

Your taste and trends may change but that doesn’t mean you have to buy decor or furniture pieces new every time. A coat of paint or re-upholstering can give a new look to an old piece that can fit into your new style. Take something old and make it have a whole new function and work it into your new spaces.

4. Find local treasures

So many items that end up in thrift stores or antique shops can be put to good use with the right space. Old treasures can blend nicely with current pieces in your house. Finding items at local shops will also give you more unique pieces that no one else has and will bring a special personal touch to any room.

5. Don’t rush it

We tend to fall into the mindset that once we move into a new home, that each room needs to be put together and look flawless immediately, but that can get expensive – and fast. Take your time and pick one room at a time to focus on. You won’t get overwhelmed and won’t stretch your budget right from the start. Plus if you finish one room and like how it turned out, you will have a better idea of how you want the other spaces to turn out.

Whether it’s a new home or you are just wanting to revamp your current place, take these tips to get your dream look on your realistic budget.

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