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Easy Tips for Seasonal Home Design: Warmer Months

Spring and summer bring fresh air, lightness, and a sense of rebirth as the world comes alive again after hibernating. Check out these easy home design tips for the warmer months.

Warm Month Colors

Spring and summer traditionally mean pastels, but don’t let that stop you from using bold, vibrant colors. Yellows, golds, greens – you’ll find all of these reflected in nature, and they’re good choices for freshening your home design for the warmer months. Also watch for blue/green hues and softer, more muted versions of some primary colors to lead the way in 2020. Consider painting a focal point wall in a bathroom or living room in a trendy color to change up your interior, then coordinate with throw pillows and accessories.


Wreaths for your front door or inside the house make a simple and easy element to switch out as the seasons change. Use ribbons and other materials in bright colors along with other season-appropriate materials. Wildflowers, bird nests and eggs, tulips, daffodils – pick the elements that say spring to you and incorporate them into your décor.

Table décor

Linens should be swapped out and washed regularly, especially if they’re used frequently, and a change of season makes the perfect time to switch. Put away those fall- and winter-themed centerpieces and opt for fresh flowers instead. Keeping the blooms changed out with new ones will bring a sense of life and lightness to the room, as well as some color. Use a spring- or summer-based theme and create table arrangements around it for both casual and formal dining areas. Also add glasses appropriate for cold mixed drinks like margaritas to your table settings or bar area for easy access.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

You can put away those heavy down or down-alternative comforters in exchange for lighter-weight quilts. Likewise, swap out the flannel or jersey sheet sets for cotton ones, which breathe more easily during warmer months. For your bathroom, think about towels and rugs in brighter colors. Botanical artwork featuring seasonal plants and colors can quickly update your rooms and coordinate with bedding and towels.

Living rooms

Unless your home stays cold, you can probably put the heavy throws away in a blanket chest or closet. Clean them first before storing inside bags to keep dust mites from collecting. Replace them with a lightweight throw in a soft texture like chenille, which will make your seating area appear more inviting, even if it isn’t used much. Use season-appropriate plants in living rooms and choose airy window treatments like sheers to open up the space and let light in.

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