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Decor Trends On Their Way Out

As the new year approaches, interior designers hope to say goodbye to 2019 along with these trends.

All-white kitchens: According to, some designers say the monochromatic look has become sterile. Consider warming up your kitchen with darker countertops, patterned backsplashes and painted cabinets in deep blues, grays or even black.

"Fast furniture": This term refers to inexpensive, mass-produced pieces that are trendy but often poorly constructed. While great for dorm rooms or post-college apartments, age-up your furniture by choosing handcrafted, antique or repurposed pieces that are built to last.

Minimalism: Designers are moving away from simple, neutral decor and toward "maximalism." This trend encourages mixing jewel tones, vintage items and interesting textures. "In this case, more is more," says

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