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Create A Mood Board For Your Next Home Project

Home projects can escalate quickly in both time and money spent if you don't have a well-prepared plan. Whether you are refreshing the look of the living room, overhauling the kitchen or revamping the front porch, the place to begin your project is not inside the home improvement store.

Before spending a dime, consider creating a mood board to guide your project. A mood board is a collage of images that will help you visualize how the finished space will look and determine what pieces you want to buy. To easily create a digital mood board, try out Pinterest or

Step 1: Gather inspiration on Pinterest. Create a Pinterest board dedicated specifically to your home project, then pin images and websites that inspire you. After you've saved at least 10 images, step away for a day or two. Then review your Pins and watch for common themes among the images to narrow down what styles you prefer, deleting outliers as you go. You want to come out of this step with a clear color scheme and a basic style in mind.

Step 2: Create a digital mood board. Using the Mood Board Creator on, add images to create a mock-up of your home project based on your design style. You can choose from stock photos or upload your own. By adding, arranging and resizing images, you can see what looks best in the design. Once your mood board is finished, save a copy to your phone for easy access.

Step 3: Make your purchases. Your mood board can act as a guide when you go shopping for products that closely resemble your design images. Knowing that you've taken time to research and to visualize the end product, you can avoid impulsive decisions and be confident your purchases will fit with your overall plan.

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