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Create a Comfy & Cozy Reading Nook

With a little planning, you can create a space in your home that cultivates more reading, rest and imaginative thought. Try these three suggestions for designing the ideal reading nook. Pick a strategic location. Take stock of areas in your home that can comfortably house a chair, end table and lamp. If you have the space, include some bookshelves and a small ottoman as well. Consider how much foot traffic each area tends to receive (and just how many interruptions you're willing to tolerate), and place your reading nook accordingly. Plan its uses. This space doesn't have to only be for getting lost in a novel. If you think you'll use it as a place to rest and recharge, consider adding soft blankets and pillows. If you're hoping the nook will boost your creative juices, add inspiring elements such as potted plants or a gallery wall with signs, prints and photos. Consider kids. Creating a cozy corner especially for your kids or grandkids can encourage reading and give them a place to calm down before naps or bedtime. Include stuffed animals, cheerful decor and a small desk. Add a whimsical touch by hanging string lights on a bookshelf or across the ceiling.

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