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Clean Hard To Reach Places With Ease

Some areas in the home are much harder to clean than others, which often means they're rarely touched. Here are a few tips for cleaning those places you may have been missing.

Ceiling fan – Throw a pillowcase over the fan blades and gently remove the dust one blade at a time. Not only does the pillowcase act as a dust cloth, but it also catches all the dust as you remove it.

Air vent registers – Take a dull butter knife and wrap it in a microfiber cloth. The resulting tool easily fits between the slats in air vent registers and return air grilles to catch the accumulated dust.

Blinds – Use a pair of tongs, two microfiber cloths and some rubber bands. Secure the cloths around both sides of the tongs with the rubber bands, then run your new cleaning device along each blind.

Window tracks – Vacuum attachments work wonders with most household crevices, but some places are still too small for them to reach. Easily clean dirt out of window tracks by placing an empty toilet paper roll over your vacuum's nozzle and pressing the cardboard roll together until it fits right into the cracks.

Carpet – Hair always seems to get stuck in carpeting, especially if you have pets. If a vacuum just doesn't do the job to your satisfaction, use a clean squeegee to force the hair out of hiding before you vacuum.

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