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Checklist: May To-Dos for Homeowners

It’s May, which means summer is almost here. Before you can relax with a cool drink by the pool, get these home maintenance chores done.

Repair wooden fences and decks. Repair or replace damaged boards, posts or cross beams. Check under the deck for signs of any nesting animals and clear out debris.

Prep the grill. If you’ve resisted the thrill of the grill so far, wait no longer. Pull the cover off and wipe down the outside hood, knobs and handles with a mix of vinegar and water. Take inventory of your propane or charcoal. Scrub the grill grates to get them ready for the first cookout.

Set up patio area. Hose off outdoor furniture that has been left outside. Set up furniture and decor that has been stored inside all winter. Check cushions and replace, if necessary.

Mulch flower beds. A four-inch layer of mulch is needed to insulate plant roots from extreme temperatures such as the upcoming summer heat. It also keeps precious moisture in the soil and slow releases micronutrients to feed your plants.

Spring clean. On a warm day in April or May, depending on your climate, open up the windows and air out your home. Have carpets, upholstered furniture and fabric window treatments cleaned. Vacuum window blinds and behind large furniture pieces. If you haven’t already, clean windows and repair any broken screens.

Time for an AC inspection. The hot summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to have your air-conditioning system professionally inspected. A service technician will inspect the air handler, clean the air conditioner condenser coils, inspect the evaporator coil and check the refrigerant level. (Many companies offer an annual package deal that includes the spring check along with a similar fall furnace tune-up.) Depending on where you call home, this chore can be done in April, May or June. Meanwhile, do your part to keep the AC system running smoothly. Change the filters on a regular schedule. Outside, keep bushes cut back from the condenser coils so they can breathe.

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