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Brass Returns With Class

In recent years, once-popular brass has taken a back seat to brushed nickel, stainless steel and oiled bronze when it comes to interior design. But brass is now shining once again.  Read on to learn how brass is back!

Home colors are getting warmer

The return of brass comes on the heels of a return to brighter, warmer colors in upholstery, curtains, bathroom fixtures and painted cabinets. After many years of muted, cool colors, bold blues, reds, black and white are surging in popularity.

This trend toward bolder colors has brought brass back into favor. Brass faucets, door hardware, and lighting fixtures work well when accenting primary colors. Besides wearing well with rich and bold tones, brass looks good with any home design style, from traditional to contemporary.

Blending in brass

When blending brass into your décor, remember these tips:

  • You can bring brass into your home with kitchen and bathroom faucets and hardware, light fixtures, metal furnishings, cabinet hardware and accent pieces such as picture frames and candlesticks.

  • Brass comes in a wide range of shades. The recent resurgence has centered on the muted, aged brass tones and dull, unlacquered finishes, not the brightly polished shininess of the past. This softer, brushed-gold appearance gives a vintage look and has led to the increased popularity of brass. Be careful in using brass from different manufacturers, as brass colors differ and may clash with each other.

  • Beware of too much brass. Use the material selectively, not everywhere in your house. Using brass in an understated way brings delight to the eye without diminishing its appeal through overuse.

  • Brass gets along well with other metals. Mix brass items with other metals such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or a matte black. Choose one material as the base metal throughout, with matte brass as an occasional accent.

  • Brass is a soft metal, so clean it carefully with a soft cloth. Some choose to let their brass tarnish over time.

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