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Bold Jewel Tone Dominates Interior Color Palette

It started with house plants, worked its way onto throw pillows, and has now overtaken furniture and wall color. Emerald green is a hot new trend in interior design, but just how did such a bold color find its place in everyday decor?

While emerald was named the Pantone Color of the Year in 2013, color trends generally take awhile to show up in home decor, says It often begins with small accent pieces as homeowners test out a new color. Over time, people become accustomed to seeing it in their home, and the color begins to appear in larger design elements.

The increased emphasis on health and wellness in recent years has contributed to emerald’s rise in popularity. Bringing this jewel tone into a living space can imitate the peacefulness and relaxation of being outdoors. Our minds also associate emerald with foods such as green smoothies and leafy vegetables, creating an aura of health around the color.

Try pairing emerald with other popular hues like copper, rose gold, and soft pinks or peaches. You can begin with a houseplant or take the plunge and paint an entire room.

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