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5 Tips for Painting Like a Pro

Your DIY paint job doesn't have to include jagged edges or paint splatters on your trim. Use these ideas from and to produce a polished, professional result.

Keep paintbrush bristles flexible by mixing a half cup of fabric softener with a gallon of warm water. Rinse brushes thoroughly before swishing in the mixture and then hang on a peg to dry.

Use canvas drop cloths to protect floors. Unlike plastic, canvas absorbs paint and is what most pros use to contain drips and spills.

Tone down paint's intense odor by adding a couple of drops of vanilla (for dark colors) or lemon extract (for light colors). Open the windows to make sure the room is well-ventilated.

Wash roller covers with soap and water before using them. This will help to remove loose fibers so they don't end up on your walls.

For precise tape removal, turn a hair dryer on low and aim it at painter's tape. The warm air will soften the adhesive and help you achieve that crisp paint line.

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