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5 Tidying Tips From Marie Kondo

Petite, positive and obsessed with mess, Marie Kondo rose to organizing fame with her 2014 book and has inspired a wave of tidying with her Netflix series this year. She teaches her "KonMari Method," which encourages people to only own items that "spark joy" in their lives.

Here are a few of Kondo's tips to help you enjoy the magic of a neat and tidy home:

- Resist buying new storage bins. Wait until you've sorted everything to know what type of storage you actually need.

- Sort by category rather than room. Kondo recommends organizing your things in the following order: clothing, books, papers, "Komono" (miscellaneous), and sentimental items.

- Remove nonessential labels. "Quiet the noise" by storing household items in clear, uniform dispensers or jars. (Avoid removing toxicity or safety labels.)

- Clean out your purse or backpack every day. Have a designated place for your keys, wallet, etc. Putting everything away will help you stay organized.

- Remove tags and unpack new purchases right away. Items with tags still attached tend to get overlooked or forgotten.

If you're hesitating to give away an item that you "might need someday," keep in mind Kondo's advice that someday typically means never!

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