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3 Questions to Ask Before Remodeling

Remodeling is an opportunity to improve your space for your own enjoyment while also building equity in your home. Before you begin, consider these questions to ensure a smoother process and a high-quality finished product.

1. What's not working? Think about how you use your space right now. Are there areas that consistently feel cramped or cluttered? Maybe you want to add a mudroom, create a designated office or install a kitchen island with built-in storage. Consider hiring a professional organizer to help you maximize your space in a way that's functional for your family and future buyers.

2. What are your top priorities? In any renovation project, there will likely be at least one thing that doesn't go according to plan. To avoid blowing your budget on unexpected costs, decide ahead of time which features and/or materials are the most important to you and, if necessary, be willing to let other things go.

3. How will this affect other parts of the house? An ultra-modern kitchen could make your living or dining rooms feel outdated. Consider what needs to be done to maintain a cohesive look with adjoining rooms before you take the plunge.

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