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3 In-the-kitchen hacks

Food prep comes with an endless stream of challenges, but learning a few tricks can help you utilize your time in the kitchen more efficiently.

Are the eggs spoiled? Test your eggs to see if they're still good by gently setting them in a bowl of cold water. If they float, they're no longer fresh enough to eat. Over time, air bubbles form inside an egg as its liquid evaporates, meaning that the easier it floats, the older the egg.

Tired of cherry pits? Those little pits can turn a sweet snack into a hassle. To easily remove the pits, place cherries (one at a time) on top of an empty glass soda bottle. Then, use a chopstick or a skinny straw to push the pit out and into the bottle.

Jar lid stuck again? When having difficulty opening the lid on a jar, try stretching a rubber band around the rim. The rubber band will grip both your hand and the lid, limiting the slip factor and making this task a breeze.

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