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3 Common mistakes of new homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner, make the most of your go-getter attitude by avoiding these common mistakes.

Relying on chemical drain cleaners. Too much hydrochloric acid, one of the primary ingredients in commercial drain cleaners, could corrode your pipes. Try a plunger or drain snake first, and then call a plumber if needed.Stacking firewood too close to the house. Dark, damp wood is a breeding ground for termites and other pests. Keep wood at least 20 feet away from your home, and store it off the ground so it can dry out.Putting lemons down the garbage disposal. The acidity from citrus can corrode metal and lemon peels can damage your disposal. To get rid of odors, try running cold water while the disposal is on and dump ice cubes down the drain. It will be noisy, but the ice cubes dislodge buildup, which helps eliminate unwanted smells.

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