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Tranquil and Technicolor: Interior Design Trends For 2019

This year, interior design is finding inspiration in wellness trends, plus throwing it back to the ’70s. Choose your look:

Intentional, sustainable design: Interior designers are leaning toward sustainability by using natural, reclaimed and upcycled materials. Look for rattan, linen and bamboo to be popular this year.

Houseplants continue to be trendy, and their health benefits appeal to wellness-conscious consumers. Wellness is also being reflected through calming, earthy colors such as terracotta, apricot and sage green.

“These are colors that ‘sit back,’ are soft and quietly composed,” says

Bold, groovy style: In contrast to those soothing tones, you’ll also see vibrant, ’70s-inspired colors – think bright orange and yellow – in decorations and furniture. The rest of the primary color wheel is growing in popularity, too.

“From iridescent to full-out rainbow schemes, the technicolor palette has made major strides in recent years,” says

Curved couches and chairs are another ’70s throwback, says According to, bold floral prints on wallpaper as well as large geometric patterns for tile and statement ceilings will be popular choices this year, as a nod to the Art Deco era.

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