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Top Tips For Buying Furniture

When it's time to update your furniture, follow these simple tips and you won’t be disappointed.

- Comfort is key. In addition to finding the right style, make sure your furniture selections are comfortable and functional for all the members of your household. Try to find pieces made with high-quality materials to ensure a longer lifespan.

- When considering the size of your new furniture, don’t stop with measuring its future place in your home. Remember to also measure all the doors, hallways and corners you'll need to maneuver through and around to get it into place.

- Think about having a variety of shapes. Alison Davin, an interior designer from San Francisco, recommends finding a balance in each room by counting all the shapes you find and ensuring there isn’t a surplus of just one kind.

- Most importantly, find furniture you love. Even if it doesn’t fit in the room you originally intended, it may be worth rearranging another room in order to fill your home with quality, comfortable furniture that brings you joy.

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