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How To Choose The Right LED Lighting offers these four tips for finding the perfect LED bulb.

Brightness: First, check the package label for the equivalent incandescent bulb wattage (such as 60, 75 or 100 watts) to determine how much brightness your space needs.

Costs: A 60-watt-equivalent basic LED bulb costs about $1.50. Keep in mind that prices tend to increase significantly for longer-life and specialty bulbs.

Color appearance: Consider a room's decor and the time of day it's used most when choosing a color appearance (or "temperature"). Warm light complements natural-looking furnishings and is best for evenings, while cool-colored bulbs provide sharp lighting for a kitchen or home office during the day.

CRI: The color rendering index (CRl) measures how realistic colors will appear when lit by a bulb. A CRl of 90 or above is recommended.

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