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Décor tips for book lovers

When it comes to loving books, where you read can mean almost as much as what you read. Creatively displaying books can also enhance your home's overall aesthetic by adding character, memories and warmth.

Consider these tips on setting up home décor so that readers can get lost in an engaging book for hours on end.

Get creative with where you display books. Hardback books can be a fun, inexpensive way to add interest to any room. Search garage sales and thrift stores to find ones you like. Try to display books in unconventional ways. For example, arrange books by matching the spine color instead of the size or subject.

Keep it practical. Choose shelving that can bear the weight of thick, hardback books. Be sure to arrange comfortable seating near plenty of natural or artificial light for ideal reading conditions.

Tell your own story. The combination of books displayed on shelves can tell a lot about the person who lives there. What do your books say about the special qualities and unique interests that you possess?

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