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Choosing decor that's timeless vs. trendy

When redesigning your home, it can be challenging to choose between on-trend decor versus timeless pieces that won't go out of style in a year or two. How can you plan a design that's stylish but won't send you back to the drawing board too soon?

First, recognize that your tastes may change over the years. However, you can still create a foundation for your design that will have timeless appeal and require only minimal updates when you're ready for a fresh look.

Use these top tips to guide your design choices:

- Keep your most expensive purchases timeless. Choose neutral or classic colors for larger furniture, flooring, countertops, etc.

- Clean lines will stand the test of time. When choosing cabinetry or flooring, avoid the temptation to pick ornate designs, which may go out of style faster than you think.

- While repainting walls is not necessarily difficult, don't go overboard with bold colors. Stick to a neutral palette and sprinkle in adventurous hues through large wall hangings or painted accent walls.

- Choose trendy pieces that are easy and inexpensive to switch out. Throw pillows, accent chairs, light fixtures, lamps, and artwork are all great options to satisfy your taste for something new.

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